Art, News and Updates from London based Artist and Photographer, Cris Rose. Best known for his rusty robots with a retro-style and a love of nature.


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My first robot… With USB support! Video coming soon. @makerscafelondon

Working on something cool at @makerscafelondon

Rigel Mk2 at 1/4.8 scale with iPhone for scale 30 hour print time at 210 microns PLA @makerscafelondon @3dhubs

1/8th scale Windemere printing nicely #ultimaker @3dhubs @makerscafelondon #xs

Such a pretty grid, hidden inside #3dprinting #ultimaker2

Windemere the owl from @talesfromnemori is printing nicely at 1/8th scale at @makerscafelondon 57% complete. @3dhubs #xs

About to cap of Rigel Mk2’s head @makerscafelondon #ultimaker2 #3dprinting @3dhubs

@talesfromnemori Windemere the owl head nicely printing at 1/8th scale on the other #xs

Rigel Mk2 head coming along nicely on one machine #xs

Starting a Rigel Mk2 in 1/4.8 scale (2.5x bigger than normal 1/12th) in the faster quality. 10 hour print for just half the bot #xs

1/6th Rourke Sprog printed overnight on an #ultimaker2 in normal detail quality at @makerscafelondon

This morning at @makerscafelondon the 1/6th Sprog is finished after a 13 hour, overnight print #xs

Sprog print should be finished by the morning @makerscafe #shoreditch

Mega Sprog printing overnight in the @makerscafe window in shoreditch

Gloss black #xs

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