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Robotones 2013 Details

With the Red Robotones (and Black, if you have a full set), the year’s release has come to an end. It was an experiment from the start, and a fun one at that. I learnt a lot and out of that has come next year’s Robotones. 

One thing i learnt, is that some months it’s hard to keep up with an open edition. Every month sees a different number of orders placed, to different people, with 2 sculpt options, all at different times. I’ve had some month’s go out late, some go up late and some go missing in the post. A tricky thing to achieve, but i’ve done my best to keep everyone happy. I hope i’ve succeeded. 

Robotones 2013 is going to be a bit different:

It will be a set of 10, not 12, and will start in March, running to December.

There will be a set number of each colour, not an open edition, somewhere around 15-20. 

There will be just one sculpt, but it will be exclusive to Robotones

The price will be more than $25 but still reasonable.

Finally, there will be 5-10 "Robotone Subscription" slot available. These are to be paid in full at the start of the run and guarantee a full set, a bonus colour figure and the opportunity to commission fully painted and rusted versions of the Robotone Sculpt. These are at extra cost, of course, but it will be the ONLY way of getting this sculpt as a fully painted bot, no others will be ever be sold. Every one will be a one-off and the total number of handpaints of this sculpt will be determined by you lucky subbers. 

If i can add extra value to the Robotone Subs through the year, i will.

I won’t be taking any money, or filling any Sub Slots until February, after i’ve revealed the sculpts and all 10 colours, but feel free to email me expressing interest in a Slot with your email address and i’ll put you on a special mailing list with details once everything is ready.

Many thanks to everyone who has ordered robots from me, and from all you lovely Robotone people! I hope you enjoy your robotic rainbows and here’s to the new year.



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